Humanity's Promise International


Our Values & Objectives

Our Five Wholehearted Values


That all mankind are created equally.


That all mankind are equally deserving of respect, education and opportunities in life.

Extending Help

That extending help to others, whenever and in whatever way possible, is a good thing.


That all team members and recipients feel valued as full equals, loved and appreciated.

Time & Devotion

That all team members give of their time and attention for those less fortunate.

Humanity’s Promise does not wish to trivialize the complexity of the social and economic ills that exist within many east African nations.
Several African nations have been caught up in a seemingly endless cycle of civil conflict and war.


The goals and objectives of HPI are endless, however, we have a few main objectives we are focusing on in the future.

Purchase of a Farming Tractor

To properly turn and cultivate the soil.

Self Sufficiency
in Farming

Providing the people of South Sudan with the means to farm and provide for themselves.

A 4 Wheel Drive Truck

The roads in South Sudan are difficult to navigate and our goal is to purchase a proper truck for transporation.

More Online Awareness

HPI is striving for more awareness across the web, social media and through in-person interaction and education.

Strife, conflict and social unrest always produces poverty, hunger and despair — poverty, hunger and despair always produces strife, conflict and social unrest!

HPI strives to alleviate this suffering and works selflessly to facilitate the necessary empowerment of the South Sudanese People in order to promote self-sufficiency and a future of hope and stability.

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