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Who We Are

Humanity’s Promise Int’l (HPI) is a Canadian Charity providing humanitarian services in Eastern Africa. HPI plays no favourites.
It is a benevolent non-political charity that seeks to work beyond the boundaries of tribal issues. The founders of HPI are no strangers to the challenges that face most African nations and its citizens.

Having spent many years working among the needy in West-Central Kenya, Humanity’s Promise concluded that a radically different approach was needed to address the myriad of needs.

“countless donor dollars are being spent on the symptom of the illness, without adequately seeking the root cause of the problem”.

- Co-founder John Bossuyt

From that modest beginning, Humanity’s Promise Int’l was birthed.

Drawing upon his lifetime of agricultural related experiences and honed skillsets, John felt driven to roll up his sleeves to help those facing hunger and poverty, while Beverley focused her attention toward the needs of the mothers and their children. Prayerfully considering the magnitude of the undertaking, they believed that others would ultimately come alongside and assist with this important task.

Our Five Wholehearted Values


That all mankind are created equally.


That all mankind are equally deserving of respect, education and opportunities in life.

Extending Help

That extending help to others, whenever and in whatever way possible, is a good thing.


That all team members and recipients feel valued as full equals, loved and appreciated.

Time & Devotion

That all team members give of their time and attention for those less fortunate.

Ways That You Can Help

Humanity’s Promise Int’l strives to be a vehicle of change and seeks to introduce meaningful educational and income earning opportunities for this generation. While HPI’s primary focus has been on growing an agricultural economy, it cannot ignore the educational and emotional needs of the young. We are responding to these critical needs by providing the necessary financial support through the sales of produce from the HPI Farm.

not for profit organization canada

Donate to
Our Cause

Your donations will go toward providing proper agricultural means and education to the people of South Sudan

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Send a Child
to School

Just $35.00 will pay for one month of proper education for a child in need, giving children brighter futures.

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Crop an Acre
of Land

For just $80.00, you can provide the people of South Sudan the means of clearing one acre of land for harvesting, and with the seeds to begin planting. 

humanity's promise international

Support our

The children of Arilo, South Sudan require our attention and support 7 days a week, including food, education, shelter and medical care.

Goat Chickens

Purchase a Goat
Or Chicken

Donate monetary funds to purchase a goat, a duck or a chicken for one of our orphanages in Arilo, South Sudan. Providing hope for the future.


Ther are always important questions to ask when donating your time and funds to a charitable organization. Below are some of the questions that we are asked often, and the answers!

Why did you choose South Sudan for HPI’S African charitable activities?

We immediately knew that we could make a difference and be of a benefit to a large number of hungry people. We were looking at soil, the likes of which we had never seen before – rich black fertile soil. John, one of our Founders, his background has been in the agricultural field and he has seen a lot of soil types, but had never seen such rich beautiful soil before. John knew that with a little proper assistance we could help the local farmers prosper.

What are the primary focuses of HPI’S activities within South Sudan?

Each of our activities are directly or indirectly tied to our desire to care for the needs of the children and single mothers. HPI does not wish to perpetually seek donor funds to care for the children and single mothers, so is working to help develop the agricultural industry within South Sudan with the hopes that ultimately the people of South Sudan will provide for the needs of their own people.  Simultaneously HPI has been providing some or all of the needs of more than 275 children and caregivers.

How Are You Accomplishing This?

Pertaining to agricultural activities HPI has been doing quite a lot. Too much really, to quickly answer your question. HPI has been granted 250 acres of grass and brush land for purposes of assisting the local people to improve upon their rather primitive farming methods.40 acres has been cleared for cropping purposes.  At the farm we host regular agricultural training programs as well as grow crops for purposes of feeding the hungry. Surplus crops are marketed for funds to care for the orphaned children and to provide education for local children in need.

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