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Message From Arilo Children’s Centre in Arilo, South Sudan

Greetings to the people of Humanity’s Promise Int’l in Alberta, Canada

As the Founder/Director of the Arilo Children’s Centre in Arilo, South Sudan, I want to thank all of you for the major help that you have been to us. 

The people of Arilo are very poor as the area does not have good soil and water.   Starvation and early death is common among the people. As a Pastor and follower of Jesus Christ I felt that I must do more to help my people. There are many orphans in the area and there had been no available schools for children to learn.  I gathered a few orphans and began teaching them under the trees. Soon more children came for some little food and to learn under the trees.  Within 2 months we had many children, more than I could provide for and to educate. I was able to find an European NGO who assisted us for a few months but they stopped and we had no food and no $$. 

I was told about Mr. John and how he was a friend of many South Sudanese farmers in the neighbouring village. I was able to speak to Mr. John.  The children at the Arilo Children’s Centre are very happy that I was able to find Mr. John and that Humanity’s Promise was able to provide help.

For 2 years HPI have been providing $$ for food to feed 100 orphans along with the caregivers and the caregivers children. In addition to the feeding of the orphans HPI has been providing one meal per day for 120 local children who come for school Mon –Fri.  We have 7 teachers who receive wages from HPI.

We are very, very thankful for the love and financial support from the Team at Humanity’s Promise Int’l. 

Pastor Loyor Angelo

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