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Farming & Growth

in South Sudan

Our Main Objectives

In many African nations such as South Sudan, natural resources remain untapped. Rich, fertile land is lying dormant or under-utilized because of a lack of modern farming equipment and inadequate agricultural learning opportunities. Regarding food security; South Sudan should not be a nation in need, but a nation of food producers and exporters.

The majority of its farmers desire change. They wish to modernize their primitive farming methods and are seeking help from groups like HPI to assist them in making the transition.

Striving For Long-Term Change

HPI understands that long-term meaningful change cannot occur without participation and finances being directed toward growing their agricultural based economy. Effective and productive activities need to be focused on implementing modern agriculture-related learning opportunities.

HPI believes that the best approach to transfer understanding and knowledge is through a program that allows student farmers to observe and experience. Through the mentoring of farm cooperatives, HPI is establishing:

  1. a series of learning opportunities intent on empowering the community to participate and learn new farming methods and;

  2. an undertaking to develop a comprehensive post-harvest marketing program to assist the farmers in gathering their surplus vegetable, cereal and maize crops and efficiently transporting these to market.

With their cereal and maize harvests, HPI shall assist with methods to mill and package their grain before distributing the food to their local vendors.

We understand the importance and that the challenges are too large for any one group to tackle by itself. This will not be solved without a coordinated team approach.

Humanity’s Promise Int’l has begun the process and has achieved modest successes by clearing a forty-acre parcel of heavily grassed lands. Additionally, acres of food crops have been planted-out but HPI needs more help from various financial, agro-based and education sectors to fully implement its plan to meet its objectives.

We invite you to consider joining the HPI Team and to assist us in accomplishing this worthwhile undertaking to assist the South Sudanese in their quest to modernize their food production capacity.

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