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Improving the Lives of Children

Economically, South Sudan is among the most impoverished of all nations. In a nation with massive infrastructure needs, basic human needs are in short supply. Hunger and malnutrition is common. Health care facilities with qualified health care providers are rare. In many rural areas, educational facilities are non existent. 

The Truth About Life in South Sudan

  • South Sudan 3rd least educated country in the world, according to a recent report.

  • More than 70% of all school age children are not attending school classes.

  • Less than 25% of all boys & 5% of all girls achieve a reasonable level of education.

  • Less than 2% of all girls successfully complete their 8th grade education & advance to secondary grade school.

  • A majority of girls are required to work outside of the home for additional income.

  • Many young girls are sold off at a young age for dowry.

  • Functionally illiterate boys and girls are moving from the villages to larger centres, and are woefully equipped to handle big city living, creating all manner of social problems.

There Can Be A Better Tomorrow!

There are no easy shortcuts to creating a series of lasting solutions to such a diverse array of needs. Urban and rural settings require very different approaches to solving most of South Sudan’s more serious social issues. HPI will focus its attention on bettering future educational and occupational opportunities for the young of South Sudan while simultaneously assisting the local farmers in their quest to modernize their primitive farming practices. We aim to end their dependency upon foreign nationals for continual financial assistance.

Old ways of thinking must give way to the new. Younger minds offer a clean, fresh slate with less emotional emcumberances and negative experiences…a more fertile ground to foster hope for the future. The social issues that exist today will not be solved with the same mindsets that have been part of their creation. It will take extensive planning, time and finances to foster these changes to old established thinking patterns that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Within South Sudan HPI has responded to the request for urgent financial support by prioritizing the needs of orphans and school age children.

Within Juba, South Sudan
Hundreds of school age children are missing out on another year of education. Finances are hindering their future opportunities. HPI has rescued 21 of these children by paying for their schooling fees. 

Within Arilo, South Sudan

The situation in the village of Arilo was and continues to be grave. HPI has undertaken to provide for the care and feeding of 105 homeless orphans along with their caregivers. Adjacent to the HPI Arilo Children’s Centre is a school providing basic education for a total of 290 children. HPI is providing finances and a limited amount of supplies.

Your help is needed.

The needs of the orphans and school age children are much too large for HPI to handle on its own. We are seeking the support of other groups and individuals.

HPI has no desire to seek donor support on a long-term basis for these programs. It is seeking short-term financial support to:

  • provide for the basic needs and education of the orphans under its care

  • expand HPI’s farming activities within South Sudan.

Sustainable long-term funding shall come from the sale of the fruit and vegetables grown on the HPI farm.

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