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Greetings and Love from Kasese, Uganda - Kule Nickolas

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts

Greetings and love from Kasese, Uganda. As we come towards the end of year 2023 I thought it would be a nice thing to write a few words expressing BIG THANKS to GOD and to Mr. John and Mamma Beverley and Humanity’s Promise for the GOOD things that you have done for the children and our family.

In the first instance I thank Almighty GOD who paved the way for us to meet as friends. Glory be to GOD all of the time !! I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to you, your family and all of the HPI Team for all of the kind things that everyone is doing to support us. Since August 18,2022 when you stepped into our very bad and difficult life and up to this day you have greatly changed the lives of the disadvantaged children of GOD and that of my family.

My wife Lillian and I have 2 small children and 26 orphaned children that we have gathered and brought into our home, our family and our hearts.  Without your financial help it would not be possible for Lillian and I to take care of the children and place them in a good school. Before you came into our life’s, our house was washed away in a flood and mudslide. Life was almost impossible. All of our vegetable gardens were destroyed and we had no food for many days.  We had no $$ for clothing, no $$ for beds and cooking dishes. The children all needed to stop school and everyone was not happy. From the time that you started helping us the children are happy and they are doing very well in school.

Additionally, Mr. John and HPI, before we met, life was very, very hard as we did not have $$ for rent or food, no school fees, no school supplies, and no $$ for medicine. We prayed hard and GOD gave you to us and you have positively changed our way of living. Mostly today we want to thank you for the house and one acre of land that you have bought for us on a high piece of land that we can feel secure in, with no water problems. We thank you for your prayers and guidance.

In addition to the above we kindly request that you help us to start a project for the children and my family to raise poultry, and goats and a cow. The purpose of keeping poultry and goats will help us to improve on balanced diets for the children so that they grow healthy and prevent most of the deficiency diseases in children like kwashiorkor. We will continue to grow vegetables and we will plant some fruit trees on the land that you purchased for us.

We thank you very much for the many good things that you are doing for the children and my family. Love and much respect from all of the children.

 I remain Kule Nickolas and Bira Lillian on behalf of the children. 

Kule Nickolas  

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