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Peter Debong -Thanks From the Obbo Community

HPI Agricultural Apprentice Centre in Obbo

As a member of the Obbo Community in East Equatoria, in South Sudan, I, Peter Debong, the farm manager of the HPI Agricultural Apprentice Centre in Obbo would like to thank Humanity’s Promise Int’l along with it’s co-founders John and Beverley Bossuyt and all of the HPI Board Members. I am especially grateful for their deep love and commitment to the principal of helping my people to help themselves.

They have correctly understood that the needs of my people are very many and that my people could use a little encouragement. They have worked tirelessly with great personal sacrifice to improve the living standards of my people.

We are very thankful to HPI for putting us on a path of self-reliance to raise our own food, developing hope within the community by improving the economic status of our area, and by introducing new farming methods and by assisting us to market our organically grown produce within South Sudan. My community neighbours are especially pleased that HPI seemingly never ceases to look for additional methods to assist the local people in their pursuit of an easier and kinder life.

This past year in conjunction with a fellow Canadian group, Thrive 4 Good, HPI introduced new food varieties which are much more nutritionally dense and healthy. John takes the needs of my people very seriously and is currently raising funds to purchase some quality used farm equipment to help the local farmers. 

The future of our community and our people is looking much better because of Humanity’s Promise Int’l and it’s desire to help our people.

Peter Debong

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