Team It Up™
– the Youth of Today
– the Hope and Promise of Tomorrow

It has always been obvious to the founders of HPI that the needs of the hungry and the hurting within eastern Africa are so large that no one group could possibly tackle the challenge by itself. HPI wanted a different way to say “let us work together”. We looked for a dynamic set of words that might capture the attention of like-minded individuals and groups. We believe that we have achieved that in our call to TEAM IT UP™.

We propose a solution! It will be a herculean task — a massive undertaking — requiring nothing less than a major team effort. The challenges and problems will not be corrected without a coordinated team approach.

We would like to draw your attention to the needs of the youth within the Obbo region of South Sudan; which is a common condition for most youth within Africa. Countless numbers of young people are standing idle. Idleness is never a good thing — extended idleness leads to hopelessness and despair. The children of eastern Africa are like children everywhere. They need a healthy portion of love, acceptance and encouragement combined with a feeling of security and a hope for a better tomorrow.

HPI firmly believes that lasting security and sustained hope for a better tomorrow cannot be achieved without the development of a secure source of financial supply.

While HPI’S primary focus is related to agricultural economy growing activities, it cannot be oblivious to the needs of the young people, many of whom have been emotionally scarred by the social unrest and the never-ending cycle of hunger and poverty that exists in their nation. Undertaking a process to address the emotional and life-skill needs of the young is daunting. The fate of the nation is in large measure dependent upon the character, emotional health and education of the country’s youth.

A Little Work, A Little Play

Normally, a little fun is not a bad thing. Neither is a distraction from daily doldrums—especially when it’s accompanied by misery and pain. Life for children growing up in villages of eastern Africa holds few similarities to the life of typical Canadian or American children. In many rural settings of eastern Africa, schools and education are largely non-existent. Rather than the children gathering together to learn and play, the children spend their days tending to family chores or tending to the cows and goats. Many children grow up in isolation from the broader community and do not develop the necessary social skills to advance in the modern world.

HPI has purposely chosen sports related activities as one of the key mechanisms to help develop South Sudan’s next generation of leaders and shall shortly relocate its existing inventory of sports equipment and uniforms to the Obbo region of South Sudan where HPI will utilize this sports equipment within its character building and leadership development activities.

HOPE is a big thing!

HPI would like to assist in the creation of an environment conducive to healthy mind-sets among the younger population. HPI believes that combining the development of a robust local agricultural based economy with sports related activities would be a highly valuable and useful method in dealing with many of the issues that are plaguing the youth.

We ask the question: What BETTER METHOD could we employ to provide a healthy mix of life experiences necessary to prepare young people for life’s journeys?

Many words have been written about the character building exercises and therapeutic healing benefits for those who participate in team sports – the same can be said about the benefits derived from participation in a prospering agricultural economy. Added financial income has a way of reducing stress and comforting a person. There is a direct correlation between adequate financial resources and health, education, general comfort and opportunities in life. HPI shall be integrating its character building exercises, along with its leadership development programs, into joint agricultural and sports related activities that are currently being developed. HPI plans to launch these integrated activities in April of 2020.

HPI is reaching out to Canadian and American teams to sponsor a ‘Sister Team’ within South Sudan and help provide proper playing fields, sports equipment and team uniforms. Canadian and American business and agricultural minded people are asked to consider volunteering and supporting Humanity’s Promise Int’l by contacting: