The Team It Up Program


Team it Up is HPI’S way of crying out to others for help. It has always been obvious to the founders of HPI that the needs of the hungry and the hurting within eastern Africa are so large that no one group could possibly tackle the challenge by themselves. HPI wanted a different way to say “let us work together”. We were looking for a dynamic set of words that might capture the attention of other like minded individuals and groups. We still are.

Humanity’s Promise Int’l has been working among the needy in the rural villages of west central Kenya since the fall of 2008 and among those of South Sudan since 2014. The needs are large. Hunger is rampant; education and medical attention is sparse and proper infrastructure is lacking.

We propose a solution. It will be a herculean task — a massive undertaking requiring nothing less than a major team effort. The challenges and problems will not be corrected without a coordinated team approach.

As a humanitarian group our general objective is to provide assistance to the needy in eastern Africa in whatever manner we are able. More specifically HPI desires to partner with other like minded groups to bring about long-term, meaningful change. The African communities are deserving of the power and the dignity to confront the world as anyone’s equal. In many parts of Africa — certainly true for those areas where Humanity’s Promise has been working in eastern Africa – the land is fertile and rainfall is plentiful. Yet the people hunger. Humanity’s Promise Int’l wishes to bring some lasting and meaningful change to those realities.

HPI has identified 3 specific areas upon which it will focus it’s main attention:

  • to assist the local farmers to successfully transition from a primitive to a modern agricultural based economy

  • work with the local community elders to establish a modern Experimental Farm and Agricultural Apprentice Centre

  • develop and implement programs specifically designed to meet the emotional and educational needs of the younger population

South Sudan’s youth have been traumatized by the social unrest of their country. Most have been denied an opportunity for any education. Few have any feelings of hope and optimism for a good future. HPI would like to help create an environment conducive to major mind shifts for the younger population.

Sport related activities would be a highly valuable and useful method of dealing with many of the issues that are plaguing the youth. HPI shall help establish sport fields and provide the required sport equipment so that the youth are able to experience a little “fun time”. HPI is purposely seeking western sport teams and educational institutes that would consider championing that specific cause.

Other causes include birthing centres, general health care facilities, orphan care facilities, home care workers, ambulance services etc.

The task is large in size, too large for any one group. HPI welcomes any group or individual who may feel that they would like to be part of the solution to the numerous challenges that lie ahead for the South Sudanese people as they seek to create a secure future for themselves and their families.