The Hope and Promise of Tomorrow

— The Youth of Today

The hope and promise for a better tomorrow does indeed rest with the youth of today and they need our help. Countless numbers of young people are standing idle.  Idleness is never a good thing.  Extended idleness leads to hopelessness and despair. Humanity’s Promise Int’l (HPI) wishes to change that but it needs your support and partnership.

The children of eastern Africa are like children everywhere. They need a healthy portion of encouragement and validation, love and acceptance. But most of all they need hope, security and opportunities.

A little fun is not normally a bad thing. Neither is a distraction from daily doldrums—some often accompanied with misery and pain. Life for children growing up in the villages of eastern Africa holds few similarities to the lives of a typical Canadian or American child. In many rural settings of eastern Africa, schools and education are largely non-existent. Rather than the children gathering together to learn and play, the children will spend their days tending to family chores or tending to the cows and goats. Many children grow up in isolation from the broader community and do not develop the necessary social skills to advance in the modern world.

While HPI’s primary focus is related to agricultural economy growing activities it cannot be oblivious to the educational and emotional needs of the young. As previously mentioned, in many regions of South Sudan proper educational facilities and qualified teachers are largely non-existent. The entire subject of addressing the educational and emotional needs of the young — most of whom have been severely traumatized is daunting. The fate of the nation is, in large measure, dependent upon the character, education and emotional health of the young. The HPI team recognizes the limitations of their collective life experiences or skill sets and is reaching out to those who may be able to assist with this extremely important undertaking. Elsewhere in this website you will encounter Team it Up – our cry to western groups to partner with HPI to help bring about much needed change. In this context we are reaching out to western sport clubs and educational facilities to assist HPI with the needed sport facilities and programs within South Sudan.

Since 2010 HPI has been collecting quality used sport equipment and uniforms from partnering sport groups and school boards in Western Canada. Two containers of these donations have been shipped to Kenya and are being utilized within programs that HPI has sponsored in the villages of west central Kenya. A large inventory remains at the HPI Alberta storage facility with donations arriving on a regular basis.

Many words have been written about the character building exercises and therapeutic healing benefits for those who participate in team sports.

HPI has purposely chosen sport related activities as a key mechanism to help develop South Sudan’s next generation of leaders and shall shortly relocate its existing inventory of sport equipment and uniforms to the Obbo region of South Sudan where HPI will utilize the sports equipment in its Character Development and Leadership Training programs.

HPI has the good fortune of adding a highly dedicated and experienced lady to its Kenyan and South Sudanese teams. Agnes will be based out of Nakuru, Kenya and be responsible for overseeing the HPI Character Development and Leadership Training programs in South Sudan.

I believe the hope for the future of refugee families and the disadvantaged of our society lies in empowering the youth and their families by addressing their holistic healing, empowering them with education and calling forth in them their God given talents and gifts so they can help turn our broken world around for a better tomorrow. – Agnes Kariuki, Kenyan Team Member.