Approach to farming

South Sudan and Western Ethiopia The farm land is highly fertile and abundant, the rains are plentiful, the average daytime temperatures are ideal and cropping is a 12 month, year round activity. Workers are ready, willing and able and transportation corridors are being built. Domestic and international markets for all farm produce have been well […]

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Redeem, Refurbish and Redeploy

A core strategic practice of Humanity’s Promise has been to reach out to the farming communities in Western Canada seeking donations of quality farm equipment deemed surplus or throw away which may no longer be of value in their farming operations. Equipment gathered in the West is transported to the HPI Repairs Facility to be […]

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The Problem, as we see it…

The Problem, as we see it… … is that the billions of dollars spent in aid of Africa over the last half-century has provoked many people to ponder one of the biggest problems of our time. Failure to end poverty and death of millions of African citizens—in spite of the tens of billions of dollars […]

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tomato crop

Our Vision

Humanity’s Promise desires to partner with the African communities to bring about long-term meaningful change. The African communities are deserving of the power and the dignity to confront the world as anyone’s equal. Long-term meaningful change cannot occur without attention and financial resources being directed towards economy growing activities and the implementation of comprehensive education and life skills […]

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Feeding a village

Unsustainable: Rural Villages

Humanity’s Promise has been working among the needy in the rural villages of west central Kenya since the fall of 2008 and among those of South Sudan and western Ethiopia since mid-2014. The needs are enormous. Hunger is rampant, education and medical attention is few and far between, proper infrastructure is lacking.

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Towards a Better Tomorrow

Natural resources are going untapped In many African nations, specifically South Sudan, Ethiopia and Kenya, natural resources are going untapped. Rich, fertile land is lying dormant and underutilized — all for the combined need for modern farming equipment and modern farming experience. How sad — how tragic — that people go hungry; that an entire […]

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