Humanity’s Promise Int’l strives to take an effective role in working toward a solution to help resolve problems that have plagued much of Eastern Africa far too long. HPI proposes a radically different and sustainable approach to solving these perennial difficulties.

Countless billions of dollars have been spent to feed the hungry — yet hunger remains. [Spiegel online – the war on hunger]. HPI believes that the solution, to most of the social and economic ills, lays within the practical development of a strong agricultural-based economy.

In many African nations, such as South Sudan, Ethiopia and Kenya, many natural resources are remaining untapped. Rich fertile land is lying dormant or underutilized, from a lack of modern farming equipment and inadequate agricultural learning opportunities. HPI believes that long-term meaningful change cannot occur without proper attention and financial resources being directed towards economy growing activities and the successful implementation of comprehensive agricultural-related learning opportunities. In an effort to address the core root causes, HPI will focus its attention towards the activities it believes will be the most helpful in resolving the greatest number of social and economic issues.

A sincere and meaningful heartfelt desire to change is an attribute that cannot be imposed upon another person and resistance to change is a normal human reaction. Being told what and how to think provokes a similar reaction—resistance. HPI understands and is sensitive to this reaction and does not seek to impose its vision upon the South Sudanese or anyone else. HPI strongly believes in the show-and-tell—hands-on learning method. We are working towards establishing an Agriculture and Technical Vocational Centre as well a 100 acre Experimental Farm in the Palotaka region of Ayaci State in South Sudan. The HPI Experimental Farm will be a multi-functional farm providing needed employment for numerous unemployed people in that community; as well as, for the needed agricultural work experience for those enrolled in the agricultural program at the HPI Agriculture and Technical Vocational Centre.

Clearing 20 acres of grassland and trees along with preparation for the Agriculture and Technical Vocational Centre will occur during early 2018. This will be a small but important first step in HPI’s 15 year plan to establish multiple Agriculture and Technical Vocational Centres and farming operations in other rural communities, and to eradicate hunger and poverty wherever these efforts are welcomed in South Sudan.

A solution to a problem, hundreds of years in the making, will not be found overnight. HPI understands this reality and is committed for the long-term, knowing that many hardships and disappointments lie ahead. We are fully committed to getting the job done—in the least expensive and most effective method possible. A core strategic practice has been to gather from the west what has been deemed surplus or throw away, and to utilize these donated items within HPI operations in Africa.

search for used farm equipment

John and Beverley Bossuyt search for used farm equipment.

HPI has been successfully reaching out to farming communities in western Canada seeking donations of quality farm equipment that may no longer be of value in their farming operations. Humanity’s Promise Int’l has experienced wonderful support with many donations of quality used equipment as well as requests to participate or partner with HPI to assist in the development of the agricultural industry in South Sudan. HPI is confident of both the continuous supply of quality farm equipment and the transformation out of poverty for the village farmers of South Sudan.

The HPI Experimental Farm will be a multi-functional farm providing needed employment for numerous unemployed local village people as well as needed agricultural work experience for those enrolled in the agricultural program offered by the HPI Agriculture and Technical Vocational Centre.

A key objective of the experimental farm is to determine the types of agricultural crops best suited for the geographical area being considered. HPI shall not introduce, nor grow, any varieties of genetically modified seed stock and is committed to the production of organically grown food products. In an effort to maximize acreage yields, various cropping methods will also be experimented with including the use of organic compost fertilizer and nontoxic, non-petroleum based pest control methods.

The local village farmers of South Sudan live a difficult life struggling to do their best to turn the soil with the few hand tools that they may have. Normal acreage tilled and cropped is approximately 1.5 to 2 acres per family. The yield of the land is low—scarcely sufficient to feed their families—with little or no surplus to assist others in need, or perhaps to barter for a family necessity. HPI shall utilize its own farm equipment to till additional acres for each farmer who resides within an hour’s tractor drive of the HPI farm compound. Sufficient seed will be provided to each of them so that they will be able to plant-out the extra tilled soil.

The HPI Agriculture and Technical Vocational Centre will be much more than just a training facility. It will be the centre of community activities where the local people will be able to learn, produce and ultimately sell handcrafted items. HPI has received a donation of a large commercial sized solar collection system with battery storage facilities which will be used to provide a portion of the necessary power for all electric powered equipment. Other donations of useful items—like mechanic’s hand-tools, chain saws, lumbering equipment and various woodworking items, as well as sewing machines—have been received at our Canadian storage depot.

HPI anticipates the shipping of the donated agricultural and technical training equipment by mid 2018. Initially, most of the instructors in the Agriculture and Technical Vocational Centre will be volunteers from western Canada along with a small group South Sudanese born Americans who wish to return to their communities to assist in the training of their people. Invitations to volunteer are being accepted on this website.