HPI Experimental Farm and Agricultural Apprentice Centre

Humanity’s Promise Int’l wishes to be part of the transformation process and believes that this change must begin with new learning opportunities being made available to the Obbo people.

A 900 acre parcel of land with access to the Ayii River has been approved by the Obbo farmers for HPI to establish an Experimental Farm and Agricultural Apprentice Centre. Locally situated along the main transportation corridor in the heart of the region, the HPI Experimental Farm and Agricultural Apprentice Centre (AAC) will provide a variety of opportunities for the Obbo people. It will be the hub of HPI’s efforts to create a robust agricultural-based economy within the Obbo region and hopefully to serve as a viable working model that can be utilized within other areas of the Republic of South Sudan (RSS).

The people of the Obbo region desire change. They wish to modernize their primitive farming methods and are seeking assistance of groups like Humanity’s Promise Int’l to enable them to make the transition. Humanity’s Promise Int’l wants to be part of the transformation process and believes that this change must begin with new learning opportunities being made available to the Obbo people.

One of the primary HPI objectives within RSS is to assist the local farmers with the tilling of extra crop land and the planting of extra crops. Plant and seed stock is difficult and costly for the farmers to access. HPI can provide the solution to that challenge as well. The Experimental Farm will largely focus upon the introduction and development of improved cropping methods through experimentation and introduction of additional food types.

Plants exhibiting the strongest characteristics will be cultivated for purposes of providing the farmers with the needed seed stock — firstly to the farmers of the Obbo region and then to other interested groups. SOLUTION FOUND !!

As mentioned previously on this website, HPI will also grow and market crops to the retail market to offset operational costs; thereby reducing our dependency on foreign fund-raising requirements. HPI shall dedicate 200 acres of cash producing fruit and vegetables crop for purposes of reducing the financial burden upon the western charities.

The primary focus of the Agricultural Apprentice Centre will be to teach technical skills — agricultural for the most part but diverse in nature to include a wide assortment of learning opportunities. Initially, most of the programs being offered will be tailored to the immediate needs and life experiences of the local people.

Recognizing that it lacked the necessary resources and expertise required to meet many of the teaching needs at the AAC, HPI sought help from the international educational community. It was imperative to establish an alliance with an organization that could provide a hands-on learning experience within the agricultural industry.

Humanity’s Promise Int’l found what it was looking for in Kinneret College in Israel. They provide hands-on learning opportunities for qualified agricultural students from a number of developing nations. You can find more information about the Kinneret College “Agriculture Crossing Borders” Program at this link

Kinneret College has extended an invitation to HPI-RSS to send up to 15 of its brightest young farmers from the Obbo region to Kinneret College near the Sea of Galilee. There they will be given extensive agricultural training in a variety of disciplines.

Kinneret College on the Sea of Galilee is an institution of higher education which offers bachelor’s degree academic study programs.

When the students complete the 11-month program in Israel and return to the their homes in South Sudan, HPI will seek to match the graduate’s interests with a working opportunity within the HPI Experimental Farm and Agricultural Apprentice Centre. It is expected that these graduates will assist HPI to implement the extensive undertaking in transforming the economy of the Obbo region and ultimately to other areas as well.

Volunteers instructors from Western Canada and a small group of RSS-born expatriates who wish to return to their village to assist in the training of their village people will be the first group to work alongside these Israeli trained graduates. Planned activities at the AAC include construction methods, mechanics, plant budding and grafting, irrigation and hydroponics.