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A 900 acre parcel of land with access to the Ayii River has been approved by the Obbo farmers for HPI to establish an Experimental Farm and Technical Vocational Centre. It will be the hub of HPI’s efforts to create a robust agricultural based economy within the Obbo region and ultimately will be extended to other areas of South Sudan. The primary activities of the Experimental Farm will be to introduce and develop improved cropping methods plus experimentation and development of additional food types. A key component of the farm will be the Plant Propagation and Distribution Centre where plant varieties are expanded, improved and made available — at first to the farmers of Obbo and then to other interested groups.

The primary focus of the Technical Vocational Centre will be to teach technical skills — agricultural for the most part but diverse in nature to include a wide assortment of learning opportunities. Initially, most of the instructors will be volunteers from western Canada working alongside a small group of South Sudanese born who wish to return to their village to assist in the training of people in their community.

HPI is endeavoring to bring a few of the younger farmers from the Obbo region to Canada for them to get a firsthand understanding of western farming methods. They will gain hands-on training on the actual equipment that HPI has gathered and will be shipping to their area.

HPI has received a donation of a large commercial sized solar collection system with battery storage facilities which will be used to provide a portion of the necessary power for all electric powered equipment. Other donations of useful items—like automotive hand-tools, chain saws, lumbering equipment and various woodworking items, as well as sewing machines—have been received at our Canadian storage depot.

Invitations to volunteer are being accepted on this website.