About Humanity’s Promise

Our Vision, our Values, our Beliefs

That – all mankind are created equal in the eyes of God.
That – all mankind are equally deserving of respect, education and opportunities in life.
That – extending help to others, whenever able and in whatever way possible, is a good thing.
That – all team members and recipients feel, valued as full equals, loved and appreciated.
That – all team members and recipients place the needs of those less fortunate fully equal with the needs of themselves.


Humanity’s Promise Int’l (HPI) is a Canadian Charity providing humanitarian services in Eastern Africa. Our mission is to the people of South Sudan, Ethiopia and Kenya. We play no favorites. We are a charitable non-political humanitarian relief organization that seeks to work beyond the boundaries of tribal issues.

HPI has been working among the needy in the villages of western central Kenya since October 2008. While the work that we have done in Kenya has been good and has helped many, the work has largely failed to accomplish any long-term meaningful change. Like so many other well intended humanitarian groups, HPI had also been spending money on the symptom of the illness without adequately seeking out the root cause of the problem. HPI recognizes its errors and has corrected its focus.

Humanity’s Promise Int’l does not wish to trivialize the complexity of the social and economic ills that exist within many east African nations. Many African nations have been caught up in a seemingly never ending cycle of civil conflict and war. Strife, conflict and social unrest always produce poverty, hunger and despair. Poverty, hunger and despair always produce strife, conflict and social unrest. South Sudan is such a nation—–a nation in conflict and social unrest, a nation that has not known peace and prosperity for many years. HPI has no interest in joining the audience of spectators, by-standers and well-wishers. HPI shall plunge right into the fray doing whatever it can to provide helpful solutions to the many ills that have plagued the area for too long.

The recovery process will be a herculean task, a massive undertaking requiring nothing less than a major team effort of the International Humanitarian Community. The challenges and problems will not be corrected without a coordinated team approach. The founders of HPI have always believed that the cause is too large and of too much importance for any one group to attempt by itself.

We are calling all like-minded individuals and groups to join the cause. Please consider supporting Humanity’s Promise. Contact us at, partners@humanityspromise.com.

There can be A Better Tomorrow

Charity Registration Number – 83847 0508 RR0001