A Call To Action – A Call To Partnership

Team It Up – Farming:

South Sudan and Western Ethiopia

The farm land is highly fertile and abundant, the rains are plentiful, the average daytime temperatures are ideal and cropping is a 12 month, year round activity. Workers are ready, willing and able and transportation corridors are being built. Domestic and international markets for all farm produce have been well established.


As a nation Kenya is less ideally suited for large scale farming than South Sudan and Western Ethiopia. However, some regions are highly fertile. Rainfall in Kenya is unpredictable so boreholes and irrigation is a requirement for dependable food production in many regions.

Recently Mr Bossuyt realized that the work Humanity’s Promise has been doing in the villages of central Kenya while being helpful and good was simply not good enough. Attention and financial resources needed to be focused upon developing the agricultural industry to end the cycle of dependency. An expanded vision was born.

A Call To Action – A Call To Partnership:

We are hopeful that like-minded individuals and corporations will find an area that captures their attention, something that they might like to be a part of — even captain that particular cause. Humanity’s Promise wishes to see the lives of those in need, advanced.

Your involvement may make a profound difference. Please prayerfully consider contacting Humanity’s Promise to inquire about any area of interest that you may have.

The financial cost to advance the mission / vision is not small. Humanity’s Promise welcomes support in whatever manner that it is being offered. Cash donations are always welcomed but by no means are they the only way that you may assist in advancing the various programs.

Please inquire about how you may be helpful.