Approach to farming


South Sudan and Western Ethiopia

The farm land is highly fertile and abundant, the rains are plentiful, the average daytime temperatures are ideal and cropping is a 12 month, year round activity.

Workers are ready, willing and able and transportation corridors are being built. Domestic and international markets for all farm produce have been well established.

In other areas of the HPI website we have laid out our general thoughts and plans regarding the creation of a sustainable agricultural based economy within the areas that HPI has established itself. Specifically, HPI wishes to assist the local farmers in quadrupling their total cropped or planted land, and to introduce improved seed varieties and cropping methods to the farmers.

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  1. I am one of the members of the Obbo Farmers Association who have met with John M. Bossuyt who is currently visiting my home area and we are going to become partners with HPI soon!

    Our Website is still being developed

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